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VN006- Immo III/IV Megamos 48 Key Programming




The function allows the programming of keys to ALL VEHICLES with Immo III/IV immobiliser systems and Megamos 48 transponders.

The function works both when there is a working key and in ALL KEYS LOST situations.

A ZN053 AVDI extractor cable IS REQUIRED when purchasing the special function.

The procedure also requires a ZN051 Distribution Box and an internet connection.
Models coverage:

Immo III:

– VW/Seat/Skoda CAN TP2.0 cars 2003-2008/2009

– Passat B6/CC 2003-2014

– Audi A3 till 2012

Immo IV:

– VDO NEC 2008-2016/2017

– Magneti Marelli UDS – MM9/MM5

– Johnson Controls UDS

– Audi A4 2004-2008 (RB8 dashboard)
New AVDI Interface or activate AMS is required to purchase this special functions.

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